WebGraphics Optimizer Standard Edition

WebGraphics Optimizer Standard Edition
File Size:
6.80 MB
13 April 2012

This version has no limitations. Feel free to test WebGraphics Optimizer for 30 days.

To all registered users: This is a free update! All registration keys for version 1.x - 4.x will still work!


What's new in WebGraphics Optimizer 4.2:

  • New: IntelliTransparence feature:
    This feature checks for the best transparency color, even if the transparent color was removed due to color reduction.
  • Transparency will now be recognized when loading an image.
  • New display option "Fit to window":
    This feature adjusts the zoom level so that all variations fit into the application window.
  • (Only Professional): All batch operations are saved into log files so you can always check what happened through all of your batch processings.
  • Support for 13 new file formats added! There are also some file formats that are mainly used under Unix for better portability.
    These are the new file formats:
    Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Windows Clipboard (CLP), Drawing Interchange Format (DXF), XpicMap (XPM), Interchange File Format (IFF), Portable Bitmap Utilities (PBM), Dr. Halo (CUT), X-Window Dump (XWD), Hewlett Packard HPGL (PLT), Intergraph Microstation (DGN), XBitMap (XBM), Intergraph RLE (ITG).
  • More detailed Online help.
  • WebGraphics Optimizer now recognizes the last directory used for opening or saving files.
  • When saving a new variation WebGraphics Optimizer derives the new filename out of the filename of the original file.
  • Some minor bugfixes.

Installation Instructions

WebGraphics Optimizer is a true 32 bit application and therefore supports only Windows 95 to Windows 7. WebGraphics Optimizer will not work on earlier versions of Windows like Windows 3.1.

To obtain a copy of WebGraphics Optimizer, simply download it and double click on it to start the installation process automatically.

Please note:

Be sure to close all running programs before installing WebGraphics Optimizer.

System Requirements of WebGraphics Optimizer

The hardware and operation system requirements of WebGraphics Optimzier are extremely low!

OS: Windows 95 up to Windows 7

CPU: 486 or better

Memory: 8 MB, 16 MB recommended (depending mainly on OS)

Disk: At least 14 MB free disk space

Graphics: SVGA, HiColor recommended for best results

Supports: Twain compatible scanner

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